Customer Promise

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What you should expect

A2z Canopies is dedicated to providing transparent and straightforward services in the installation of carports, emphasising customer satisfaction and trust. Here's what you can expect when you choose us:

No Middlemen: All carports are installed by our own A2z Canopies team—no subcontractors are involved, ensuring consistency and quality in the work done.

Transparent Pricing: We discuss any potential issues and costs upfront before the installation begins. What we quote is exactly what you pay, with no surprises or hidden fees, and all installations come with a 10-year guarantee.

No Hard Sell: Unlike typical sales approaches, we do not employ salesmen to push our products. Instead, we offer quotes online and send installers to assess the job firsthand, ensuring that all customer expectations are managed correctly from the start.

Informed Decisions: We inform you of any potential planning issues during the enquiry and give you the space to decide without pressure. Payment is only requested after the installation is complete and you are satisfied with the workmanship.

Expertise and Assurance: Our surveys and quotes are provided by experienced installers, not salespeople, so you receive realistic and practical advice. If there are any discrepancies in measurements or changes in price, we will inform you before proceeding with any work.

Customer Service Commitment: We are committed to being accessible and providing timely service. If there are any issues post-installation, we are ready to address and resolve them to meet your expectations. Our team ensures professionalism in their work and maintains cleanliness at the installation site.

For any concerns or queries, feel free to contact us at 01282 451051. At A2z Canopies, we are not just installing a carport; we are ensuring you receive the right product, the right treatment, and the right results.


When you choose A2z Canopies to install your new Carport, we want to ensure you are happy with the service and the final product. You should expect

  • Our installation team to be professional
  • The quality and size is correct
  • No work to be undertaken if the price has changed without seeking agreement from yourself first
  • The work area is cleaned of excess materials and any dust as a result of the installation.
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