How Much Does A Canopy Cost?

Protect your car from falling debris, convert an outdoor area to a work station or even a place for a BBQ, canopy additions are perfect for those who don’t require a full garage workspace. In fact, the average garage cost is £13,600 compared to the average cost to build a carport is just under £2,750, with most homeowners spending between £1,900 and £8,200. 

Like any home addition, there are plenty decisions that go into the location and design.

The choices will have a compounding affect in your final carport quality and price.

cantilever example

How Much Does A Canopy Cost?

If you own your own property, a carport is an affordable home improvement where you will see instant benefits. It’s the best solution to those who want protection over their car or caravan. The cost of a carport is a fraction of the average garage building cost. 

The cost of a Carport vary’s depending on the size and design you want. 

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GRP Cantilever Estimate

Cantilever Estimate

Archway Estimate

Archway Estimate

Canopy Price Factors

Environment, Location, design and size can impact the cost. 


When installing a Carport a number of environment considerations need to be made. A2z Canopies provides a no obligation quote and will provide advice and guidance when requested.

Location, in the main is not a concern, as a we have a wide range of designs to cater for any need. Where exposed to weather, for example, we would recommend additional brackets for additional strength 

Property types can influence the design of the Carport. We can advise on the most suitable Carport design when providing you no obligation quote taking into consideration your property design.

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Now that you have a broad overview of what impacts the costs that go into getting a carport, we can jump into specific factors. As you will soon see, the decisions you make before installation begins can greatly influence your final carport cost and quality.

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Before you do anything, if you live in a listed building or conservation area check with your local council to see what constraints you may have on design (e.g. colour, materials) and size. 

All other properties will not require planning permission unless covering a space greater than 5M x 10M. 

Our service extends to include support and advice on such applications and can, on request, supply drawings and specifications to support your planning application.

Carport Location

The location for your carport ideally should be level, protected from wind and also convenient to park your car. Cantilever Carports do not require a foundation but any with posts will so consideration to the location of posts should be considered. We can assess that along with any other factors, and with our customer promise, be assured the price you are quoted is the price you will pay and nothing more. Remember with A2z Canopies you don’t pay a deposit just when the Carport installation is complete.

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Archway Canopy

GRP Cantilever Estimate

Cantilever Estimate

Archway Estimate

Archway Estimate

Canopy Size

As you might imagine, increasing the size of a carport also increases the price. Its important to note that a Carport should be considered a one-off cost. Maximising you cover space will, in the long term, provide more versatile uses of your additional outdoor space. A typical carport  measures 2.5M x 6M.

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Cantilever Canopy

Carport Materials

You can build or purchase a carport in the following materials:

  • GRP
  • Steel
  • Wood.

GRP and Steel are two main choices that are durable, relatively lightweight and preferred. GRP or Metal does not chip, break, or split like wood. You don’t have to worry about mold or rot with steel or GRP carports, unlike wood. Finally, carports in GRP or Steel demand a lot less maintenance than wooden carport counter-parts.

Only on exception, and mainly due to conservation constraints, would we recommend we install a Wooden Carport to maintain asthetics to a Grade 2 listed building. 

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Canopy Colours 

From white to black or any Ral colour in-between we can provide any colours Cantilever Beams and powder coat out steel to your needs.