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Our collection of case studies showcases the diverse range of projects we have successfully completed. Each story is a testament to our commitment to excellence, detailing how we overcome challenges and deliver outstanding results.
What You Will Discover:
  • Innovative Solutions: See how we tailor our approach to meet unique client needs.
  • Design to Realisation: Transforming from blueprint to reality, no hassle installation service
  • Before and After: Visual transformations that illustrate the quality and scope of our services.
canopy blog

Case Study Blog

Find more example installations over at our Canopy Case study Blog.

Canopy Blog

Fellows Door Canopy

A Canopy over a bay window.

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door canopy
​Church Entrance Canopy Case Study

Church Entrance 

The GRP canopy provided a covered area, sheltering the congregation from rain and direct sunlight.

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White Cantilever Canopy

Harmonising with the home's exterior and providing the desired security and aesthetic benefits A2z Canopies GRP Cantilever Canopy installation has hit the mark.

Canopy Case Study

A-Frame Cantilever Canopy

Installation of a Canopy on an Muse type property


A-Frame Case Study

Driveway to Garage

A Canopy over the driveway adjacent to a garage represents a strategic enhancement to residential properties, aiming to expand the functional use of the garage area.

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Bungalow Canopies

Enhancing bungalow properties with additional structures such as canopies requires thorough planning and consideration, particularly regarding the structural support needed. 

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GRP Cantilever Estimate

Cantilever Estimate

Archway Estimate

Archway Estimate