Simplified Terms & Conditions of Sale

Terms used:

Buyer: That's you, the person or business buying our canopies.

Seller: That's us, A2Z Canopies.

Goods: Anything we sell and install for you, like canopies.

Purchase Order: Your order form that says you're buying from us under these rules, generally a company.

Writing: When we say "writing," we mean emails too.

The Contract: The agreement between you and us, which includes your order, these rules, and any other important documents.

1. Our Service

We sell and put up canopies just like the ones you see in our ads and on our website.

We offer free checks and price quotes before you decide to buy.

We keep all your questions and info super private.

2. General Stuff

Our prices and deals are only good for 60 days from when we give them to you.

We need you to fill out and send back an order form for big purchases and email to confirm smaller purchases.

3. Prices

The price we tell you will stay the same for 60 days.

We need a written "yes" from you on our order form to start your order.

4. Ordering

Just like with prices, we need your order in writing.

5. Custom Orders

If you cancel an order for something made just for you, you'll need to pay 70% of the total cost.

We can't take back or refund custom-made items unless they don't match what you asked for.

6. Cancelling

You can cancel for free if it's more than 14 days away from when we were going to install, and it's not a custom order.

If you cancel within 14 days of the installation date and it's a custom order, you have to pay the whole cost.

7. Installation Times

We'll try our best to stick to the schedule, but sometimes things happen that we can't control.

8. Payment

Deposits can't be given back unless we have to cancel your order.

You need to pay the full amount when we're done installing.

If you don't pay on time, there's an extra charge.

9. Ownership

The canopy stays ours until you've paid for it fully.

10. Changes

We might update our canopy parts to make them better, without notice.

11. If You Delay

If you need to delay the installation, you'll still need to pay half within 14 days of the original installation date if it's a not a standard Canopy design.

12. Digging Holes

We're careful, but we're not responsible for any underground lines we might hit unless you've told us where they are.

13. Warranty

We promise our canopies will be free from faults for 10 years, but this doesn't cover normal wear and tear or damage from changes you make without our permission.

14. Legal Stuff

Our deal is covered by English law, which means it follows the rules and regulations of England.

Remember, we're here to make your outdoor space amazing. If you've got any questions about these terms, just ask