Half Steel Arch Canopy Installation 

Commercial Half Arch Canopy installed by A2z Canopies.

Bowling Club Cover


Product: Archway Canopy

Length: 6m 

Width/Projection: 3m 

Height: 3m

Extra Requirements

Customer wanted outdoor seating cover for functions and Bowling events.


 Anthracite Grey

Install Date

July 2023

At Ighten Mount Bowling Club, a communal space where camaraderie and competition thrive, A2Z Canopies embarked on a project to enhance the club’s facilities. The objective was to create a sheltered area for members to enjoy regardless of the whimsical British weather.

Project Brief: The club required a practical solution to make their outdoor space usable throughout the year. The desired structure was to provide shelter over the seating area adjacent to the bowling green.

Design and Installation: A2Z Canopies proposed a 6m x 3.3m half-arch canopy in anthracite grey, chosen for its modern look and the durability of the colour. The canopy’s design featured a gentle curve that would echo the elegance of the bowling arc, marrying form and function.

Construction Challenges: The club's seating area, surrounded by a mix of rustic walls and green space, demanded a canopy that would not only withstand the elements but also blend with the environment. The half-arch design was both an architectural choice and a practical consideration, ensuring the structure did not dominate the space but complement it.

Result: The completed installation provides a sleek, semi-covered space that shields bowlers and spectators from rain and sun. The anthracite grey structure stands out with understated sophistication, adding to the club’s aesthetic while offering a new dimension of comfort and utility.

ighten bowling canopu

Client Feedback: The Bowling Club's feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The canopy has not only transformed the usability of the outdoor space but has also become a focal point for social gatherings, allowing for events and relaxation in all weather conditions.


The addition of the half-arch canopy at Ighten Mount Bowling Club by A2Z Canopies illustrates the power of a well-thought-out structure to transform an open space into an inviting, all-weather communal area. The project’s success lies in the enhancement of the members' experience, proving that the right infrastructure can positively affect the community's spirit and engagement.

ighten bowling canopu

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