Anthracite Grey Cantilever Canopy

Enhancing Outdoor Living: The Installation of a 4.1m x 1.8m GRP Cantilever Canopy


Outdoor spaces are increasingly becoming essential extensions of our living areas, especially for homeowners who enjoy the blend of comfort and the beauty of nature. Our recent project involved installing a sizable 4.1m x 1.8m anthracite grey cantilever canopy, designed to enhance the usability and aesthetics of an outdoor area. This project also required a technical modification: extending the home's gas flue to accommodate the new canopy.

The Challenge 

The main challenge in this project was the proximity of the existing gas flue to the installation site. The flue needed to be safely extended to ensure it functioned above the canopy, adhering to safety regulations and ensuring efficient operation.

Flue Extension

Flue extension

Flue extension to reflow fumes

The Solution

Cantilever Canopy Install - length 4.1m x  projection 1.8m - Anthracite Grey  Gas flue had to be extended

Canopy Selection: The cantilever design was chosen for its modern appearance and practicality, providing ample coverage without the need for support poles that could obstruct the space.

Technical Adjustment: A professional extension of the gas flue was necessary. This task was carefully planned and executed to ensure it met all safety standards and allowed the gas appliances inside the home to vent properly.

Installation Process

Step 1: Site Assessment Our team conducted a thorough assessment to plan the installation, ensuring the canopy would fit perfectly and not interfere with the property's existing structures.

Step 2: Flue Extension We extended the gas flue using high-quality materials that matched the existing system's specifications. The extension was tested extensively to ensure it was safe and effective.

Step 3: Canopy Installation The canopy was installed with precision. Its anthracite grey finish was specifically chosen to complement the exterior of the home, ensuring that it not only serves a functional purpose but also enhances the property's aesthetic appeal.

Before and After

Before: The space was exposed to elements, limiting its use during inclement weather.

After: With the new cantilever canopy, the area is now a versatile, weather-protected outdoor living space. The sophisticated anthracite grey shade of the canopy adds a touch of modern elegance.


This project is a perfect example of how functional enhancements like a cantilever canopy can transform an outdoor area into a more usable, enjoyable space. The added complexity of extending the gas flue was managed efficiently, showcasing our team's capability to handle technical challenges alongside aesthetic improvements.

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