Black Cantilever Canopy Installation

Made to measure Canopy installation


When traditional home extensions just don’t cut it, innovative solutions come to the rescue. Our recent project at a charming bungalow demonstrates a perfect blend of functionality and style with a custom-designed Cantilever Canopy. Measuring an impressive 9 meters in length and 2.3 meters in projection, this Anthracite grey canopy not only enhances the property’s aesthetics but also extends its living space.

The Challenge:

The homeowner needed to expand their outdoor coverage area to protect against weather elements, especially given the bungalow’s limited indoor space for activities and storage. The challenge was to create a seamless extension that would blend with the existing structure and enhance its functionality.

The Solution:

To address these needs, we installed a robust Cantilever Canopy equipped with bungalow brackets for enhanced support, acknowledging the specific structural requirements of the property. The canopy’s sleek design and anthracite grey finish complement the home’s existing color palette, ensuring it looks like a natural extension rather than an afterthought.

Specialist Requirements:

A unique aspect of this project was the client’s request for a weatherproof seal between the canopy’s front section, the home’s fascia board, and the adjacent fence. To achieve this, we custom-designed infills that not only protect the covered area from rain and wind but also provide a polished, cohesive look.


This installation has not only increased the functional space of the home but also added significant value to the property. The homeowner now enjoys an enhanced outdoor area that is perfect for year-round usage, from parking to leisure activities, all under the protection of their new stylish canopy.


Bespoke Cantilever Canopy Installation

This project is a testament to the versatility and effectiveness of Cantilever Canopies in maximising property use and enhancing lifestyle. Whether it’s for additional parking space or creating a weather-protected outdoor area, a custom canopy installation can be a game-changer for any homeowner.

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Expanding Outdoor Convenience
with a GRP Cantilever Canopy