Custom Steel Archway Canopy for a Car Enthusiast in Torquay

Creating the Perfect Space, where there way no space!

Creating the Perfect Space: Custom Steel Archway Canopy for a Car Enthusiast in Torquay

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Introducing the 6m x 5.01m steel archway canopy, a majestic structure designed to rescue our car enthusiast from the clutches of a family-taken-over garage. Tailored for resilience and spacious enough to escape for some quality time with his beloved cars, this canopy is less of an addition and more of a sanctuary.

The Challenge

The client, an avid car enthusiast, needed a solution to accommodate his growing collection of classic cars and provide a sheltered area for vehicle maintenance. The challenge was to design a structure that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing, complementing the existing property layout.

The Solution

Custom Design: A 6m x 5.01m steel archway canopy was chosen for its durability and ample space. The archway design not only adds an element of architectural interest but also maximises the covered area without the need for multiple supports that could obstruct the workspace.

Integrated Features: With an in-built brown gutter system, even the British weather can't dampen his spirits. This isn’t just a canopy; it’s a weather-defying fortress ensuring that rain or shine, the car detailing goes on. Plus, the shade matches the house decor. 

Installation Process

Site Assessment: Initial consultations and detailed site assessments ensured that the canopy would fit perfectly in the designated area, with no disruption to the existing home structure.

Construction: Using high-grade steel, the canopy was crafted to precise dimensions. Special attention was given to the roofing material to ensure it was robust enough to withstand the local weather conditions.

Installation: The installation process was carefully managed to minimise disruption to the client's daily activities. The structure was erected efficiently, with all safety protocols in place.

Before and After

Before: The space was an open driveway, exposed to elements and limiting the ability to work on vehicles during poor weather.

After: The new steel archway canopy provides a fully sheltered and spacious area for the client to work on his cars comfortably, come rain or shine.


This new setup isn’t just a workspace; it's a statement. A declaration that while the family may commandeer the garage, the driveway reigns as the car enthusiast’s domain, under the stalwart protection of his trusty steel canopy.

This project is a prime example of how custom canopy solutions can transform an ordinary space into a specialised work area, tailored specifically to a homeowner’s hobbies and lifestyle. 

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