Freestanding Archway Canopy for Critchley Memorials

Freestanding Archway Canopy for Critchley Memorials

We recently undertook a fantastic project at Critchley Memorials, renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship in memorials. Understanding their need to protect valuable materials from the elements, we installed a robust Freestanding Archway Canopy. Here’s a detailed look at this bespoke solution tailored to their specific needs.

Project Details:

  • Type: Freestanding Archway Canopy
  • Dimensions: Length 16.5 meters x Arch 6 meters
  • Colour: Anthracite Grey
  • Location: Critchley Memorials, Outdoor Storage Yard

The Challenge:

Critchley Memorials faced a significant issue with weather exposure damaging their sensitive materials. The unpredictable weather often spoiled expensive stone and other materials critical for their business, leading to increased costs and project delays.

Our Solution:

After a thorough site visit to understand the space and specific requirements, we designed a bespoke freestanding archway canopy. This canopy not only covers a significant area but also blends seamlessly with the industrial environment of the site. The anthracite grey finish enhances the aesthetic while providing the required durability.

Special Features:

  • Robust Construction: Built to withstand all weather conditions, ensuring long-term protection of the stored materials.
  • Optimized Drainage System: We included a tailored drainage system that directs rainwater towards the rear of the canopy, into a soil area, preventing water pooling and potential flooding around the workspace.

Installation Insights:

A site visit was essential to ensure precise measurements and optimal post placement. Our team meticulously planned every detail to accommodate the yard's layout and existing structures.

The Result:

Critchley Memorials now enjoys a significantly improved work environment with a dependable solution that shields valuable materials from rain, sleet, or snow. The new canopy not only serves a practical function but also enhances the overall workflow efficiency by reducing material spoilage due to weather conditions.

Visit Our Gallery:

For more visuals and insights into this project and others, don’t forget to check out our Gallery on the A2Z Canopies website. Whether you're looking for similar solutions or need a custom installation, our gallery will provide plenty of inspiration and information.

This installation at Critchley Memorials is a testament to how tailored canopy solutions can transform operational efficiency and protect critical business assets. If you're considering a canopy installation, contact us to discuss how we can help safeguard your workspace too.

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