Modern Canopies Transform School Spaces in Blackpool

Two Steel Archway Canopies


Schoolyards and parent waiting areas have witnessed a transformation in Blackpool, thanks to the strategic placement of modern archways. These structures not only enhance the visual appeal of the educational environment but also serve practical purposes, creating inviting and sheltered spaces for children and parents alike.

Archway 1: The Anthracite Grey Marvel 

Modern Canopies Transform School Spaces in Blackpool

Positioned over the school's play area, the 7.5m x 7.5m archway in sleek anthracite grey stands as a testament to style and utility. Its ample size covers a significant portion of the play area, providing students a year-round space to enjoy outdoor activities, regardless of the weather. This canopy not only protects the children from the elements but also introduces a modern edge to the school's outdoor aesthetic.

Archway 2: A Welcoming Green Gateway 

Modern Canopies Transform School Spaces in Blackpool

The entrance waiting area is graced by a 6m x 6m green archway, a welcoming structure for parents during pick-up and drop-off times. This area, often bustling with activity, now allows parents to wait comfortably, sheltered from rain or the harsh sun. The choice of green complements the school's surroundings and signifies a space of safety and community gathering.

Impact on School Life 

These installations have redefined the functionality of common school areas, ensuring that outdoor spaces are utilized to their fullest potential. The archways not only provide protection and comfort but also contribute to the school's commitment to creating a conducive learning environment, blending functionality with modern design elements.

Community and Environmental Considerations 

Beyond their immediate benefits, these canopies also reflect the school’s dedication to sustainability. The materials used are chosen for their durability and environmental friendliness, supporting the school's green initiatives.

With these modern canopies, Blackpool schools have set a precedent for how educational institutions can enhance their facilities in both form and function, promoting an atmosphere where both learning and leisure can thrive under the same roof.​

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