The Transformation of a Traditional Bay Window with a Fellows Door Canopy and Spotlights

Enhancing Home Exteriors

The Transformation of a Traditional Bay Window with a Fellows Door Canopy and Spotlights


Home exteriors often define the first impression of a property. For homeowners looking to enhance outdoor space while adding functional benefits, upgrading windows and doorways is a smart investment. Our latest project showcases the transformation of a traditional bay window through the installation of a Fellows door canopy equipped with spotlights across a door and patio, excellent solution!

The Challenge

The traditional bay window, while charming, lacked the protection and illumination that modern homeowners desire. The goal was to enhance this feature without compromising the home's architectural integrity extending across the property and covering the Patio and back entrance door.

The Solution

Choosing the Right Canopy: The Fellows door canopy was selected for its elegant design and durability, which complements the traditional aesthetic of the bay window while providing much-needed shelter.

Integration of Spotlights: To enhance visibility and security, spotlights were integrated into the canopy. These not only illuminate the doorway during nighttime but also accentuate the architectural features of the home.

Installation Process

Initial Assessment: A thorough assessment was conducted to ensure the canopy would fit perfectly over the existing bay window structure and meet the homeowner's requirements.

Fitting the Canopy: The canopy was expertly fitted above the bay window, with careful attention to aligning it perfectly with the window's dimensions and the home's exterior facade.

Spotlight Setup: Electrical wiring was expertly installed with minimal disruption to the home's existing structure. The spotlights were positioned to optimize light distribution, enhancing both the doorway's function and its aesthetic appeal.

Before and After

Before: The traditional bay window, while visually appealing, did not provide any shelter from the elements or additional lighting.

After: With the installation of the Fellows door canopy, the bay window area is now beautifully highlighted by the architectural canopy and functional spotlights, providing both aesthetic charm and practical benefits.


The transformation of the traditional bay window with a Fellows door canopy and spotlights is a testament to how small changes can make significant improvements in both functionality and curb appeal of a home. This project not only enhances the visual appeal of the property but also increases its value and utility.

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