Unique Tiled Door Canopy Installation Over Door and Garage

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Door Canopy installation


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Enhancing the functionality and curb appeal of a home can often be achieved through thoughtful exterior additions. One standout project we completed involves the installation of a white tiled door canopy, equipped with brown wavy tiles and spotlights, designed to cover both the home’s main entrance and the garage door.

The Challenge

The homeowner sought a solution that would not only protect both the door and garage entrance from weather elements but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of their home’s exterior. The challenge was to design a canopy that would seamlessly integrate with the existing architectural style while covering a wide area.

The Solution

Canopy Design: We chose a white canopy frame with brown wavy tiles to complement the house's existing roof and exterior palette. The wavy tile pattern adds a dynamic texture that catches the eye and blends with traditional and modern architectural elements alike.

Spotlight Integration: Spotlights were incorporated into the canopy’s design to provide ample lighting, enhancing security and visibility during the evening hours.

Installation Process

Initial Consultation and Design: The process began with a consultation to understand the homeowner's needs and preferences, followed by a custom design phase where the dimensions and style were carefully planned.

Preparation and Construction: The canopy frame was constructed offsite to minimize disruption. Simultaneously, electrical preparations for the spotlights were made.

Installation and Finishing: The canopy was installed over the door and garage entrance in a single day. Final adjustments to the spotlights and a thorough cleanup ensured the installation was flawless and the site was left immaculate.

Before and After

Before: The home's front and garage entrances were exposed to elements, lacking any aesthetic appeal or protective covering.

After: The new tiled door canopy not only provides comprehensive weather protection but also enhances the home's facade with its stylish design and functional lighting.


This project showcases our ability to merge functionality with style. The tiled door canopy with spotlights is a testament to innovative exterior design that protects and beautifies, turning a simple concept into a significant enhancement that increases the home's value and appeal.

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