A-Frame Canopies


A-Frame Properties can benefit from a Canopy. Consideration needs to be given to the Wall, and the Canopy may require Supporting Brackets to be installed, and tend to be placed on the ends for extra support


Product: Cantilever Canopy

Length: 6m 

Width/Projection: 2.7m 

Height: 2.4m

Extra Requirements

The primary motivation behind this project was the customer's desire to cover their driveway, thereby offering protection to their vehicle.



Install Date

October 2018

The Project

The property in question is characterised as a Muse style house, reflecting a distinct architectural approach that blends well with the proposed canopy's design and functional attributes. The choice of white for the canopy was deliberate, aimed at complementing the property's existing colour scheme and enhancing its visual appeal. 

Installing on the side of this property type necessitated the installation of support brackets to facilitate the structure's stability.

The Solution

Addressing the technical and aesthetic requirements of this project entailed a comprehensive solution that considered both the structural integrity of the wall and the environmental factors likely to impact the canopy. 
To this end, brackets were strategically installed at each end of the canopy. This decision was informed by the need to ensure the wall's integrity was not compromised and to adequately prepare for potential snow and wind loads. The installation of these support mechanisms was critical in achieving a canopy that was not only visually appealing but also robust and capable of withstanding varying weather conditions.


The successful implementation of the cantilever canopy for the A-Frame property represents a harmonious blend of form and function. By meticulously planning and executing the installation of support brackets, the project not only fulfilled the customer's desire to protect their vehicle but also enhanced the property's aesthetic value. This case study underscores the importance of considering structural integrity and environmental factors in the installation of canopies, thereby ensuring their longevity and effectiveness.

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