Customer Promise

No Middlemen

We do not Sub-Contract - All Carports installed by A2z Canopies are done by A2z Canopies installers.

Before Installation!

If there is any issue to installing a Canopy this will be discussed upfront and any increases in cost or scope will be agreed before any work is started.

What we Quote is what you pay

What we Quote is what you pay with all installations coming with a 10 year Guarantee

No hard sell

We do not send out salesmen to hard sell, out business model is to Quote online and where we can't we send an installer, we do not employ salesmen to Quote jobs we use the people that install to get the best outcome and manage customer expectations.

We will inform of any potential planning issues upon enquiry.

We inform, You Decide

We will never push you to make a decision. We only ask for payment once installed 

We only ask for payment 

Once installed and you have inspected the workmanship will you need to pay. 

Accurate Experienced Quotes

All surveys are done by our Carport Installers and no salesman meaning you get the context and discussion around the end product and not a salesman 'vision'/

GRP Cantilever Estimate

Cantilever Estimate

Archway Estimate

Archway Estimate

Our Service to You

Right Result

We want you to have confidence in our advice and products. If the outcome is not what you hoped for, we will work with you to sort out any issues you may have. Please call 01282 451051. 

On Time

We will deal with you as quickly as we can. We will tell you how long we will take and do our best to keep to the time we have said.

Right Treatment

We will do our best to help you, listen to you and make sure we provide accurate Quotes. That's why we offer the assurance that ,unless the measurements are incorrect, we will keep the price Quoted. If there are any changes in the price, we will advise before ANY work commences and in agreement with yourself.

Easy Access

We will make sure you can contact us in ways that are simple and easy to understand. 


When you choose A2z Canopies to install your new Carport, we want to ensure you are happy with the service and the final product. You should expect

  • Our installation team to be professional
  • The quality and size is correct
  • No work to be undertaken if the price has changed without seeking agreement from yourself first
  • The work area is cleaned of excess materials and any dust as a result of the installation.