GRP Flat Door Canopies

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GRP door canopies are more than just a decorative addition; they serve as a functional asset that protects your entryways from the elements. Among the plethora of choices, the GRP door canopy range stands out for its versatility to nearly any property type.

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GRP Standard 

Available in white or grey colours.

Introducing the GRP Standard Canopy: a blend of timeless style and enduring functionality designed to enhance your home's exterior. This canopy isn't just about creating shelter; it's about adding elegance and value to your property.

Craftsmanship and Quality: Crafted from high-quality Glass Reinforced Plastic, the GRP Standard Canopy offers superior durability against the elements. Whether rain or shine, it provides reliable protection, ensuring that your entrance remains dry and welcoming.

Sleek, Adaptable Design: With its sleek, streamlined design, the GRP Standard Canopy fits seamlessly into any architectural style. Available in subtle shades of white or grey, it complements your home’s exterior without overwhelming it. 

Installation: Our hassle-free installation option means our professional team handles everything from delivery to setup, ensuring a perfect fit without any disruption to your daily routine. Enjoy the quick transformation of your space with minimal effort on your part.

Customisable Options: Choose from a range of sizes to perfectly match your space requirements. Whether covering a single door or spanning a larger entrance, there's a GRP Standard that fits. Optional decorative arms enhance the aesthetic, while integrated spotlights can be added to illuminate your entryway, combining functionality with charm.

Peace of Mind: Every installed GRP Standard Canopy comes with a five-year guarantee, assurance of our commitment to quality. With installation included nationwide and prices that are fully inclusive of VAT, you can rest easy knowing there are no hidden costs—just straightforward elegance and efficiency.

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Canopy Length

Installed Cost







  • Prices include VAT.
  • Prices include supply or installation Nationwide and for installed option, a 5 year guarantee. 
  • Choose your colour white or grey finish. 
  • You can order Spotlights which also includes fitting into the door canopy.
  • Pair of Decorative arms.
  • We can also remove and dispose of your existing old Canopy for an additional fee. 

Versatile Design and Configuration

The GRP range is a modern design to suit a wide variety of properties. Just what you need over your front door to shield it from rain and snow, 

Spot Lights

For added convenience and security, the canopies can be equipped with LED spotlights. These lights are available in white or yellow to suit your aesthetic preferences. LED lighting is not only weather-resistant but also economical and long-lasting compared to traditional lighting solutions, making it a smart addition to your outdoor spaces.