Panther Logistics Canopy


Panther Logistics are a haulage firm that operate out of a depot in Northampton. This customer didn't know that they were looking for a canopy until we wrote to them and planted the seed. After they responded to our letter we completed a site survey and various canopy designs and options were discussed with our installation team. Panther discussed having a canopy installed to cover some heavy duty machinery that they were having installed outside to compact the excessive amounts of cardboard packaging they had on site. Panther sent us the plans for the machinery to assist us with canopy design. We sent them a proposal which was agreed between both parties. An Installation date was agreed it was all systems go.


Product: Archway Canopy

Length: 12m 

Width/Projection: 7.5m 

Height: 5m

Extra Requirements

Customer wanted enclosed sides and canopy at specific height to accommodate machinery

Tall Archway Canopy


 Anthracite Grey

Install Date

12th December 2022

The Project

As the machinery known as a baler was quite large this would affect the height and stability of the canopy.The canopy would need to be 5 meteres in height to allow trucks to reverse in and deposit the cardboard and also due to our countries adverse weather the customer required the canopy to be weather proof so it was agreed sides would be installed to protect the machinery We needed to plan how the materials would be delivered to site, due to the size and height of the canopy there would be a large amount of materials so for logisitcal purposes and ease it was agreed that our steel supplier would complete the delivery straight to site and we would drive our company vans to site with the remaining materials on the scheduled day of installation.

The Solution

Due to the sheer height of this particular canopy we were required to pay particular attention to height regulations and carrying out thorough site-specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements. As a result of this we had to hire some additional equipment to complete the job. We hired a scissor lift for our specified trained installer. As this canopy was so high we also braced it to the building itself to prevent it swaying in the wind.

Tall Archway Canopy

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