Bungalow Canopies


Bungalow Properties can benefit from a Canopy. Consideration needs to be given to the Wall, and the Canopy may require Supporting Brackets to be installed.
Other Canopy designs such as Archway can be considered if a Cantilever is not the right option for the property.


Product: Cantilever Canopy

Length: 8m 

Width/Projection: 2.5m 

Height: 2.2m

Extra Requirements

The primary objective was to extend the living space outdoors, providing sheltered outdoor space for recreation and relaxation. 



Install Date

May 2016

The Project

The bungalow, featuring a traditional design, presented unique challenges for the canopy installation. The property's layout and the existing structural elements required a careful assessment to determine the optimal placement and support structure for the new canopy.

The installation needed to include support brackets due to the bungalow's specific architectural characteristics and to ensure the canopy could withstand environmental factors such as wind and snow load.

The Solution

Following the comprehensive site survey, the solution involved the design of a custom canopy that would not only meet the functional needs of the property owner but also blend aesthetically with the bungalow's existing design. Key to this solution was the use of robust supporting brackets, strategically placed to ensure the canopy's stability without compromising the property's structural integrity.
The brackets were designed to distribute the load evenly, taking into account the bungalow's specific structural characteristics and potential environmental impacts. This approach ensured that the canopy would be both a practical and visually appealing addition to the property.


The successful installation of the custom-designed canopy at the bungalow illustrates the importance of a meticulous approach to enhancing residential properties. By conducting a detailed site survey and carefully planning the placement and support of the canopy, the project not only achieved the functional goal of extending the outdoor living space but also preserved the aesthetic integrity of the home. This case study highlights the critical role of structural considerations and environmental factors in the successful integration of new structures into existing properties.

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