School Entrance Canopy


The school sought a multi-purpose canopy that could serve various functions within the school grounds, including an outdoor classroom area, a sheltered space for recreation during breaks, and a covered area for parents to wait during pick-up times.


Product: Archway Canopies

Length: Various 

Width/Projection: Various 

Height: 2.4m

Extra Requirements

Multi-purpose canopies that could serve various functions in the school grounds.

green archway school canopy



Install Date

September 2023

Solution: A2Z Canopies responded with a custom-designed, robust canopy that would accommodate the diverse needs of the educational facility. The canopy was to be installed adjacent to the main building, ensuring easy access for both students and staff.

Installation Details:

  • Large-scale, cantilevered canopy design
  • Sturdy green framework to match the institution's colours
  • Transparent roofing to maximise natural light
  • Spacious enough to cover a significant outdoor area

Outcome: The completed installation has successfully provided a versatile space that is used throughout the school day for a multitude of activities. Its design ensures that natural light is not obstructed, while still offering ample protection from the elements. The use of school colours for the framework also aligns the structure with the institution's visual identity.

Client Feedback: The school has reported excellent feedback from both students and staff. The canopy has become a central feature of the school's outdoor space, promoting outdoor learning and providing a comfortable sheltered area for various school activities.

Conclusion: This installation highlights A2Z Canopies' ability to deliver custom solutions tailored to the specific needs of educational environments. The project not only meets the functional requirements of the client but also adds aesthetic value to the school premises, demonstrating A2Z Canopies' commitment to enhancing community spaces

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