Fellows Bay Window Canopy Installation

Client: Home Owner

We witness a home beginning to embrace change, its facade bare but poised for enhancement. 

As ladders perch and tools lay ready, anticipation builds.

First to remove the existing Canopy installation ensuring no damage to the property and all debris is disposed off. 

Then to measure out the correct pitch and sizing for framing and lay the foundation for the frame installation.

before door canopy
Before image

installing door canopy
Canopy being installed

In the midst of activity, skilled hands begin the craft. A canopy, simple yet elegant, begins to take form above the front door. Wood and metal converge, creating a skeleton of what will soon provide shelter and aesthetic charm.

The progress is steady; the structure takes shape, extending its reach over the doorway. The once open space is now graced by the comforting embrace of the emerging canopy. Protection from the elements is no longer a wish but a tangible extension of the home itself.

As the final touches are made, the transformation is complete. The home stands renewed, boasting a canopy that not only serves to shield but also to beautify. 

What was once an idea has been woven into reality, providing a prelude to the warmth and welcome that lies within the home’s threshold.

A2z Canopies have installed the Door Canopy.

installed door canopy
Canopy installed