Black GRP Church Entrance Installation

Client: Mount Zion Church 

Location: Lancashire, England 

Project Brief: The church committee desired a welcoming and protective entrance for churchgoers that complemented the aesthetic of their existing structure. The canopy would also protect the wooden door from rain damage.


  • The entrance is on a busy street, requiring minimal obstruction during installation.
  • The canopy needed to blend with the traditional stone façade of the church building.
  • Durability was essential to withstand the varied Lancashire weather.
  • Water redirected to drain with guttering installation.

Solution: A2Z Canopies assessed the site and designed a bespoke GRP entrance canopy that harmonised with the building's traditional stonework. The canopy's Black finish was chosen to complement the door, offering a seamless visual flow. GRP was selected for its robustness and longevity, providing resistance against weathering and the need for little maintenance.


  • The canopy was prefabricated to ensure a swift on-site assembly.
  • Installation was scheduled to avoid service times and peak pedestrian traffic.
  • Fixtures were chosen to secure the canopy without damaging the existing stonework.


  • The GRP canopy provided a covered area, sheltering the congregation from rain and direct sunlight.
  • The design was sympathetic to the church's architecture, earning positive feedback from the church committee and the congregation.
  • The canopy has proven durable, with no maintenance issues reported in the first year after installation.

A2Z Canopies provided a customised solution with the installation of a white GRP cantilever canopy with exclusive profiled GRP Sheeting. This modern structure was designed to address the homeowners’ security concerns and aesthetic preferences.

Online Survey

The property was well-suited for canopy installation, with a sturdy brick wall over 2 meters high. The main concern was the boiler flue, which necessitated an extension to reroute exhaust above the canopy level. The visible downpipes indicated that rainwater could be efficiently directed to existing soil pipes. The property was suitable for a GRP Cantilever Canopy.

Before Installation

We can assess online using tools such as google maps and images you send, where we can’t, we will complete a site visit.
The customer sent through this picture which allowed us to assess the property virtually.

After Installation 

The property now features a professionally installed white GRP canopy, harmonising with the home's exterior and providing the desired security and aesthetic benefits.

​Features and Benefits
  • Seamless Design Integration: The white canopy complements the existing property aesthetics, merging functionality with style.
  • 10-Year Guarantee: A2Z Canopies' confidence in their product is underscored by a 10-year guarantee, providing long-term reassurance.
  • Efficient Installation: The canopy was erected within a day, ensuring minimal disruption and immediate benefits.


The installation of the GRP cantilever canopy has successfully met the Churches needs . A2Z Canopies demonstrated their expertise by delivering a solution that was not only rapidly installed, but also tailored to the unique features of the property. The church now enjoys a reinforced sense of security and the aesthetic enhancement of their home, with the added peace of mind provided by a decade-long guarantee.

Listen to the case study audio below