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Shoeburyness High School, seeking to modernise and optimise their outdoor spaces, commissioned A2Z Canopies to install a series of archway canopies across various quads. 
The project was aimed at enhancing outdoor areas for multiple purposes, including dining, technology, and social gatherings.


Product: Archway Canopies

Length: Various 

Width/Projection: Various 

Height: 2.4m

Extra Requirements

Covering indoor areas to expand school education activity and learning spaces.

Shoeburyness High School canopy



Install Date

July 2023

Project Requirements

  • Boiler Quad: A large 15.7m x 20.9m area required a canopy installation to facilitate outdoor learning and recreational activities.
  • Senco Quad: A medium-sized space of 15m x 5m needed coverage for specialised educational use.
  • Dining Quad: To provide a sheltered outdoor dining area, a 13m x 7m canopy was required.
  • Tech Quad: A significant expanse of 20m x 7m was to be equipped with a canopy to extend the technology department's usable space.

Each quad presented unique challenges, such as integrating with existing buildings, ensuring structural stability, and accommodating the school's active daily use without disruption during installation.

Solutions Delivered A2Z Canopies employed a consistent anthracite grey colour scheme for all canopies to maintain a uniform look across the school. The archway design was selected for its resilience and ability to span large areas without excessive support structures, minimising the impact on existing spaces.


  • Boiler Quad: Installed in three bays side by side, this canopy transformed a previously underutilised area into a versatile space for a variety of school functions.
  • Senco Quad: The 15m x 5m canopy provided a dedicated space for SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordination) activities, supporting students with special needs.
  • Dining Quad: The canopy created a pleasant, weather-protected outdoor eating area, encouraging healthier dining habits and social interaction among students.
  • Tech Quad: This extensive canopy allowed the technology department to conduct practical activities in a well-ventilated, shaded outdoor setting.


Post-installation, the school witnessed a significant increase in outdoor activities. The canopies facilitated new learning opportunities and provided sheltered communal spaces, enhancing the overall educational experience.

Client Feedback 

The school administration was extremely pleased with the installations, noting the immediate positive impact on the students' social and educational engagement. The staff appreciated the minimal maintenance requirements and the canopies' integration into the school's daily routines.


The installation of archway canopies at Shoeburyness High School by A2Z Canopies has not only improved the functionality of outdoor spaces but also contributed to the school's aim of fostering a vibrant learning environment. These structures stand as a testament to the school's commitment to student welfare and progressive education infrastructure.

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